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A Cooling Blast of Fast Action Pain Relief for Aches, Joints, and Injuries

What is Arctic Blast?

ArcticBlast is a safe, natural, one-of-a-kind pain-relieving drop. It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients individually tested under clinical settings for their potency, safety, and ability to relieve pain. 

What’s more, as it’s 100% natural, Arctic Blast has none of the side effects or risks of pharmaceutical painkillers. 

Since it's launch, ArcticBlast has helped people to relieve joint pain, ease the nagging pain in their back, to regain mobility from an old injury, and live a more active life.

Benefits of ArcticBlast:
    • Promotes local blood circulation
    • Helps reduce aches and pain from exertion
    • Helps support healthy joints

    Don't Take Our Word For It!
    Here’s What Our Customers Think

    *Disclaimer - These results should not be regarded as typical and personal experience may vary.

    my husband has numb feet and a lot of pain in the toes and arch and foot. He tried the Artic Blast. In a few minutes his pain had gone, he couldn't believe how fast it worked for him.

    Anita Anderson, NJ

    The small of my back keeps me in pain 50-60% of the time! Whenever the pain starts it is quite intense. I put a drop of ArticBlast on my back and within 10 minutes all the pain was gone! Fantastic!!!

    Tim Brentan, Rye, NY

    I was in great deal of pain, I saw your advertisement, and decided to try it, it has helped me enormously and am grateful to you, for such a great product.

    Marcia Rashold, Des Moines, IA

    The Natural Way To Relieve Pain and Regain an Active Life!

    ArcticBlast addresses the causes of pain through a unique combination of 6 key pain soothing ingredients for natural pain relief without side effects.

    A Closer Look, Under The Microscope:

    Natural Pain Reliever #1: DMSO

    A Remarkable Natural Pain Reliever Now Available In Liquid Form

    Sourced from wood pulp, DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is a byproduct of paper making that was found to have remarkable pain relieving qualities. (1)

    Until recently, DMSO was only available on prescription, as a pill or gel. However, with our unique new formulation, DMSO can be administered in liquid form. This allows it to be absorbed directly into the skin for faster pain relief. DMSO also acts as a delivery agent to increase the potency of the other natural pain relievers in ArcticBlast. (2)

    Dr. James Mercola reveals the secret to DMSO’s fast acting pain relief: “It carries directly to my bloodstream through my skin. I tried it and the results were dramatic for me, far greater than any impact I had ever felt from oral or sublingual tablets.”

    While Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., says “If joint and/or muscle pain is interfering with your quality of life, I suggest you give DMSO a try. DMSO rubbed on the skin is quickly absorbed into the deeper tissues. And when it’s mixed with other substances, DMSO efficiently delivers them into the underlying area where they’re needed. At Whitaker Wellness, we use DMSO. It is remarkably safe and amazing."

    ArcticBlast Natural Pain Reliever # 2: Menthol

    Cools the Skin, Repairs Cell Damage and Numbs Pain

    Menthol is derived from the mint plant and has a long history of being used as a natural ingredient in alternative pain relief remedies.

    Menthol’s pain relieving benefits are believed to be due to "ligand" molecules that attach to the pain receptors in your cells. This numbs them, creating a natural analgesic effect. Menthol is also believed to cause blood vessels to widen to increase blood flow, so that nutrients can be sent to repair the area causing pain. (4)

    Menthol’s third pain relieving benefit is the cooling effect of mint. It sends a message to the brain telling it that the affected area feels cold, reducing the burning sensation of pain.

    Natural Pain Reliever #3: Camphor

    Natural Relief of Itchiness, Irritation and Sensory Pain

    Camphor comes from the bark of a tree that grows in the southern islands of Japan. It’s long been a key ingredient in alternative pain relief remedies, as well as a remedy for fungal infections, warts, cold sores, and hemorrhoids.(5)

    Camphor provides pain relief by stimulating the nerve endings to increase blood flow to the affected area. This helps accelerates cell repair and relieves the itching sensation. (6)

    A scientific review by Pars Biosciences Research Center, USA, assessed that camphor's healing qualities come from the way it desensitizes sensory nerves, relieving pain, itchiness and irritation. (7)

    Natural Pain Reliever # 4: Aloe Vera Leaf

    Less Inflammation, Fewer Toxins and Less Swelling

    Aloe vera is spiny yet highly succulent North African plant with a long history of use in remedies for reducing inflammation in painful joints, to cleanse toxins, and to reduce swelling.

    The gel squeezed from its leaves contains polysaccharides and glycoproteins. These are like natural steroids that have been found to have excellent pain relieving and antioxidant qualities. Aloe vera is also high in manganese, iron, zinc, calcium, B vitamins and vitamins C and E. (8)

    A study by Meghna Institute of Dental Sciences, India, found that a control group had significantly less pain within two hours of using an aloe vera based pain reliever. They also had statistically significantly less pain throughout the following week.(9)

    Natural Pain Reliever # 5 - Arnica Montant Flower

    Brightly Colored Reliever of Joint Pain

    This brightly colored flower grows in the vast plains of Siberia and North America. It has a long history of being used in alternative therapies for relieving insect bites, bruising, joint pain, muscle pain, and acute pain after surgery. The active ingredients in Arnica Montant flower are believed to be sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and volatile oils.(10)

    One study found a cream made from Arnica montant flower to be more effective than petroleum jelly at reducing bruising. (11) While another study of 204 patients with arthritis found that a cream containing Arnica was as effective as Ibuprofen at relieving joint
    pain. (12)

    Natural Pain Reliever #6 - Emu Oil

    Potent Fatty Acids for Moisturizing Pain Relief

    The emu is a large, flightless bird that's native to the outbacks of Australia. Due to its high concentration of fatty acids, the emu’s fat has long been used in native remedies for soothing sore muscles, healing burns, and relieving pain.(13)

    A double-blind, placebo-controlled 8 week study was conducted at
    Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, of 120 people, aged between 47 and 87, who suffered from arthritis. Half were given a cream containing emu oil and the other a placebo cream containing Canola oil. At the end of 8 weeks, the people who'd used emu oil had statistically significantly lower pain scores than the placebo group. (14)

    Follow these simple instructions for a cooling blast of pain relief:

    1. Apply just two drops of ArcticBlast on your worst pain areas
    2. Rub it in gently so it’s absorbed directly into the skin
    3. Wait seconds
    4. You should notice a reduction in your pain along with improved mobility

    Gain Natural Pain Relief -
    Regain Your Mobility, Independence and Activity without the Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs

    Pharmaceutical painkillers are promoted as your first option for reducing joint pain, aching limbs, or sudden pain from an injury.

    But while effective, pharmaceutical painkillers can risk awful side effects. 

    In the short term, this can include drowsiness, dizziness, itchiness and constipation. (15)

    Then, if you keep taking them, the side effects get worse and worse.

    You may even risk a weakened immune system, muscle spasms, kidney damage, internal bleeding, depression and even death. (16)

    The stronger opioid painkillers have also been found to be highly addictive and habit forming.

    So if you’re suffering from chronic joint pain or long-term pain due to an injury, relying on pharmaceutical painkillers may not be the best option for your overall health. 

    ArcticBlast was launched to help people alleviate pain while avoiding the risks of pharmaceutical painkillers. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it’s totally safe to use as long as you need. And it’s effective too. 

    Due to the high specificity of its ingredients, which have to be sourced from all over the world, the production costs for ArcticBlast are high. Due to this, we expect soon we will have to raise the retail price to $99 per bottle.

    However, until then, you can order ArcticBlast at a huge discount directly via this page. With our value packs, you can purchase ArcticBlast for as low as $33.33 a bottle. This works out at $1.11 per day.

    $1.11 Per Day for Safe, Effective Pain Relief without Side Effects

    We believe this is a fair investment for safe, effective pain relief without the risk of nasty side effects or internal damage down the road.

    What Our Customers Say

    *Disclaimer - These results should not be regarded as typical and personal experience may vary.

    Pain in the joints, backache all over my body.

    ArticBlast does help to eliminate pains, it's marvelous,couldn't find a word in a dictionary to describe, my quality of life had improved tremendously.

    Stephanie Briggs, Missoula, MT

    Got this for our son to use for carpal tunnel. He says it really helps him and he is getting to sleep more since using. He takes a bottle where ever he goes. I bought 3 bottles so he will not be out. A great product. Thank you.

    Marie Kondocky, Whitmore, CA

    I experienced a severe random ankle pain that I have frequently,I rubbed ArcticBlast on the pain area and within minutes the pain was entirely gone. I was able to walk on the treadmill, shortly thereafter. Usually with this pain I can barely walk for hours or limp for days.

    My husband usually has a knot in his left shoulder that causes constant muscle pain, I rubbed ArcticBlast on the knot and he felt relief right away.

    Sharon Selby, Bakersfield, CA

    It was almost instant....I first applied it to the back of my neck and out toward my shoulders...within minutes the pain was gone and I could turn my head.... ....I am a true believer in this product and will keep t on hand....I thank my Dad for exposing me to this in the first  place and thank you guys for bringing it back out to us.

    Melissa Aranda, Oakland, CA

    have had a lot of painful leg issues at night. must say ArticBlast had taken them away and I am able to sleep through the night.

    Pat Tinlan, New Orleans, LA

    Why Choose ArcticBlast?

    Advantage #1:
    Safe for Long-term Use

    Pharmaceutical painkillers have a long list of unpleasant side effects. This includes stomach pain, heartburn, internal bleeding, headaches, dizziness, rashes, wheezing, liver damage, kidney damage and high blood pressure. 

    ArcticBlast is made from 100% natural ingredients hand-selected for purity and potency. So it has NO side effects and is 100% safe for long-term use.

    Advantage #2:
    Fast Acting

    Unlike oral supplements, ArcticBlast is absorbed directly through the skin. This allows the pain relieving nutrients to penetrate the cells, nerves and joints causing pain for faster acting pain relief. In fact, ArcticBlast has been found to work fast and provide sustained pain relief for days.

    Advantage #3:
    Non-Generic Ingredients

    Unlike the supplements you find in your local health food store…the natural pain relievers in ArcticBlast are NOT generic off-the-shelf ingredients.They are individually tested under clinical settings to make sure they relieve pain fast, rather than purely due to their historical use in alternative remedies. 

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    Bonus #1: The Anti-Inflammation Diet

    Diet has a direct impact on the ability of the body to repair damaged joints and ligaments that are causing pain. In this special report, discover which foods to eat and which to avoid to help the body heal itself from within for longer-term pain relief.

    Retail value - $37

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    Bonus #2: Feed Your Joints Back to Life

    Discover how to "reboot" the healing process of joints. Featuring inexpensive, easy-to-make tasty recipes, this book reveals how to accelerate pain recovery through the nutrients found in food.

    Retail value - $29

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    Bonus #3: Longevity Secrets From The Healthiest 100-Year-Olds

    Discover surprising, all-natural ideas learned from people who are healthy and fit at 100 or more. Marrying wisdom from the East with the latest scientific advances from the West, this downloadable book provides a host of ways to make life onearth longer, healthier, and much, much happier.

    Retail value - $47

    We want you to gain long-term pain relief. So we are providing you with all three bonus guides so you can repair, heal and remedy the body from within.

    When you order from this page today you get all three bonuses, with a total retail value of $113, for absolutely free!

    Who Can Benefit from ArcticBlast?

        #1: People with chronic joint pain

        Arctic Pain can free you to open a jar, button your shirt, or do any other routine task with less pain or discomfort.

        #2: Athletes who need
        fast acting relief for aches and pains

        If nagging pain is stopping you from sleeping or waking you up, ArcticBlast can help reduce the pain. So you gain more hours of restful, body repairing sleep and be more active the next day.

        #3: People whose pain keeps them awake at night

        If nagging pain is stopping preventing a restful night, ArcticBlast can help to make the pain fade away. So you gain more hours of restful, body repairing sleep and be more active the next day.

        #4: People who’ve tried countless natural supplements with limited success

        Off-the-shelf pain relief supplements typically rely on one or two ingredients. Whereas ArcticBlast contains at least six of nature’s most potent pain relievers in a single drop. These ingredients have all been clinically tested and hand
        selected for their potency.

        People All Over America Are Reducing their Pain and Living a More Mobile, Active Life Thanks to ArcticBlast!

        *Disclaimer - These results should not be regarded as typical and personal experience may vary.

        Mark took a chance. And here’s his story:

        I was going through a tremendous pain on my right leg knee to the extent that l can not walk without an aid but I read about ArticBlast so l ordered some & when it arrived l used it immediately.  l was kicking with my right leg immediately the pain was gone however the pain returned few days later l then continue to use it. This is a good stuff & l already recommended it to some of my Church members.

        Mark Stengler, Stamford, CT
        And there's Marie from Oklahama:

        I was searching DSMO and I came across ArticBlast. I found another one
        but it requested I use with gloves. I still use ArticBlast with cotton balls but I don't want something that if my hands can't touch. My husband has neuropathy in his hands. They normally hurt at night. Also his feet. ArticBlast has been great.

        Marie Buckthorn, Yukon, OK

        Relieve Pain without the Side Effects of Drugs

        Relying on pharmaceutical painkillers could risk long-term health.

        This includes:

        • Stomach Upset or Stomach Pain
        • Increased Risk of Heart Failure
        • Gastrointestinal Damage, Ulcers
        • Higher Risk of Kidney Failure

        According to The American Gastroenterological Association, pharmaceutical painkillers are also linked to 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths a year. (17)

        Why risk health when a safe, natural and effective alternative exists?

        ArcticBlast has been found to be effective at relieving nagging joint pain in your knees, elbows, hip, wrist, shoulder, ankle, hands, fingers, back and anywhere else you feel pain.

        With your pain reduced, you can look forward to: 

        • Doing the things you enjoy
        • Regaining your independence
        • Being more active
        • Better sleep at night
        • Feeling happier due to less pain
        • Just enjoying more of life

        ArcticBlast is not sold in stores. It is NOT available on any other website on the Internet.

        It's ONLY available directly from Nutriomo Labs from this page. This ensures we can maintain ArcticBlast quality and keep the price down as low as possible without the added costs of middlemen and third party suppliers. 

        In fact, with our value packs, you can benefit from ArcticBlast’s natural pain relieving power from as
        little as $1.11 per day. Just slightly more than the price of a Del Taco.

        Do you think living with less pain is worth $1.11 per day?

        Remember that your purchase is protected by a 365 day money back guarantee. So you either
        experience your pain fading away in less than one minute or you get your money back. It's that simple.

        Place your order right now for ArcticBlast and discover the soothing power of mother nature’s six most potent pain relieving remedies in a single drop:

        Gain Fast, Effective Pain Relief or a Full Refund

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Let's face it. You've tried other pain relievers that did not work as well as promised. You are rightfully skeptical. The DMSO and nutrients in ArcticBlast are proven to work in clinical studies – the highest level of proof – and by thousands of people like you. In fact, it is so effective that you will get a full refund if it does not get rid of your pain. The answer is yes, this unique breakthrough will work for you!

        Yes. In multiple double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled studies. The results were amazing, as participants experienced decreased pain and stiffness. Safety has also been tested and there are no reported side effects.

        This is the first-ever-of-its-kind supplement that works to heal BOTH causes of your pain. It is unique. You have NEVER tried anything like it before. This product is based on the most recent cutting-edge and revolutionary pain relief studies.

        Yes. After you click the button below and place your order, you can return an empty bottle within a year of your purchase and still get 100% of your purchase price back.

        You can take them both together at the same time safely and with no worries. Then if you are like so many of our customers, you will find you can stop taking your current pain relievers after a while because ArcticBlast works so much better for you and with no side effects and it is all you need.

        Call us at 1-800-856-5587 or 

        click here to submit a ticket to our agent.

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        3. muscle-pain
        12. - Widrig R. Choosing between NSAID and arnica for topical treatment of hand osteoarthritis in a randomised, double-blind study. Rheumatol Int. 2007 Apr;27(6):585-91. Epub 2007 Feb 22